This is a 2.9 Touring Spider on chassis No. 412019. It was originally built for the Maharajah of Indore with a brown and yellow colour scheme, the brown being above the waist line and on the fenders with the yellow on the body sides. It was also originally fitted with plain wheel covers at the rear and bumpers front and rear.  As can be seen, it has changed colours several times.  The first time I saw the car it was in a bright red, but it has also been cream with a red stripe and seats, and is now blue with cream interior. Hopefully someone will one day, do it justice and return this work of art to it’s rightful colour scheme and detailing. Money may give some the right to buy anything, but in my opinion it does not give anyone the right to change  the work of an artist. If they want to create something personal to them, let them build it from scratch, as some have done.


1938 2.9 Alfa Romeo Spider by Touring.