The principal subject here is the 2.9 chassis 412030, being one of five built for the 1938 Mille Miglia.  Only four raced, the fifth being rebodied as the Le Mans Coupe for that year, which will become the subject of a future ‘Current Project’.  412030 finished the race in second position behind 412031.  This was the first 2.9 Alfa that I saw in the flesh, up to that time I did not even know they existed.  However when I saw it I promised myself that I would one day build a model of it, and so spent an addition day at the collection to gather the necessary data and photos for a set of detailed plans.  I had to wait 24 years for that chance and this is the result.  It was a further five years before I discovered it’s sister car 412031, that actually came in first in the 1938 Mile Miglia.


1938 2.9 8C Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia Spider by Touring