This car looks superb in black, (see Gallery-2)  but for me even better in dark red.  I have built this miniature of 412014, the prototype 2.9 Alfa Spider, for my own collection to show the car as it was when delivered to it’s original owner.  The main difference is that it was originally painted red, although the correct shade is uncertain.  But it also had larger head lamps, which were painted, and not all chrome as those now fitted to it.  This model is also the subject of the ‘2.9 Alfa Build’ set of Galleries, that show the work involved in scratch building it from plans drafted from data collected from the actual car.  412014 is unique in that all of the bright work is engraved with a pattern, all of which has been faithfully reproduced on the miniature. Scale is one to fifteen.


1938 2.9 Alfa Romeo Spider by Touring.