1932 P3 Alfa Romeo


The Gallery shows the creating of the first two P3 Alfa models, from 1977 - since that time I have built eleven.  These first two show two different configurations for the suspension of the back axle.  The original was with half elliptic springs, but it was later changed on some cars to quarter elliptics as per Bugatti fashion.  The engine build is of the original Master created in brass, and later used for casting in Pewter.  The Pewter engines, simulating aluminium, being fitted to each of the miniatures, and later used in the 2.9 Alfa miniatures .  All parts are first machined then assembled with silver solder in sections, in such a way that they can be taken apart to be used as patterns.

The chassis frame is machined from brass plate, after which a thin strip of brass is silver soldered around the edge, to form a ‘U’ section.  A thin strip of brass sheet is then cut to match each of the frames and is provided with the necessary rectangular holes  - drills and files - before being silver soldered to the inside of each of the frames. Cross members are worked from brass, and silver soldered in place between the side frames to complete the chassis.