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   May 2017

It may be recalled when we started back with this 2.3 Alfa Romeo Project with Gallery 26, that there were parts enough for three cars.  This the 2.3 Monza is the first to be completed, with two more to come.  I am showing them, as they are now part of my own collection, I think the subjects outstanding, which is why I wished to remember them.  There will be two more Galleries one fore each of the other two, with 35 Galleries in all on the building of the 2.3 Alfa Romeo, which I think just about covered every aspect of the building.  Should any one seek further details  just drop me a note

I hope that these will show what an interesting subject this is, and although I have only actually covered three cars in all, a Touring Spider., a Zagato Spider and a Monza, there are in fact a dozen or more different body designs, both open and closed that were created on this chassis, many of which would also look particularly attractive, and all with a different character. 

For more on the subject, and very well illustrated, I can recommend the most excellent book by the master of all things Alfa Romeo, ‘The Legendary 2.3 - Alfa Romeo 8C2300’.  By Simon Moore - in three volumes, that will give you many happy hours of reading, plus an unsurpassed  collection of photos and detail drawings of almost all of the cars built on the 2.3 Alfa Romeo chassis.

For those interested in learning more on the Falls of Clyde models, the centre section showing the how iron ships were built, that was covered here a year or so back < > is now running as a build log at: < > although you may have to sign up to see it.  The photos are the same as used here, but the text is more concerned with building the model than with making the tools, and elaborates more on the techniques developed  in creating the models.


An After Sales Service to my book readers

Should you have found inspiration, ideas, or just picked up new techniques from my books, plans, and/or web site Galleries, and have photos of your work built as a result, and would like to give me the honor of showing them to others here, please drop me a line, and I will let you know how to proceed.


NOTE - Very poor photo copies of some of my books (among a number of others) have been sold on eBay as originals, and eBay, up to this point in time, are protecting the criminals, even though they have ample evidence of my copyright infringement. Should any one have had dealings with- Nicholas Thomas alias - phantomoftheauction09 - and/or  Michael Thomas alias plaininspain9 - or anyone else passing off fake copies of my books, I would be most pleased to hear from them.  eBay UK have now removed both of the above individuals, from their web site, but will not, as yet, provide me with the details I need to put them permanently out of business.  Until they do my advice is DO NOT SHOP FOR BOOKS ON eBAY-UK - Go to AMAZON and get satisfaction.


I am often asked about the availability of plans.  The following web sites have been brought to my attention, and I am pleased to pass them on here. Some of my own plans are available in my books.  For details, click on the ‘Books’ button on the ‘Home Page’



<,_Forecastle_Deck,_Main_Deck,_Main_Deck_Structural,_Tween_Deck,_Tween_Deck_Structural_-_Ship_BALCLUTHA,_2905_Hyde_Street_Pier,_HAER_CAL,38-SANFRA,200-_(sheet_4_of_69).png#filehistory >